Monday, November 7, 2011

#OpEleanor Day 4

I'm going to start bring lunch to work because I sat & figured out my food ordering expenses this past weekend (that was #OpEleanor 2 & 3) it looks like I spend well over $400 a month (HOLY SHIT that's a lot of money I could be spending on shoes & makeup saving) on not cooking and/or not bring my lunch to work. Soooo I made spaghetti (yes, it's simple & fast & FUCK YOU if you think it's lazy because YOU are not coming to MY house to cook for me) to bring into work today...problem was that I woke up late & didn't have time to scoop up some of it & put it in a work container so I did the next best thing & brought the whole tub of it to work. Turns out @undercovermama forgot her luncheon & we shared! Woot!

I'm planning to cook again today, but I have a PTO meeting that may last longer that I wish it would...

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