Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Would you take a life for $700???

Working in a fancy institution has taught me 2 things: 1) they’re extremely generous with their employees 2) they’re selfish assholes

Yeah I know…let me explain. We recently received a bonus check for all the hard work we’ve done in the past year. I, like most (I say most because somebody out there will complain about extra dollars in their pocket that they did not expect or were entitled to) immediately deposited in the bank. (YAY! for live checks) Unlike most employees except for @undercovermama was thinking about all the makeup goodies it would buy me at Sephora, MAC & NineWest…in the midst of blue & chrome yellow eyeshadow dreams I heard… “don’t expect it next year”

Apparently all the suits…are up in arms about what HealthCare reform is going to do to the bottom line. Bottom line??? We’re a hospital, isn’t our bottom line to heal people?? (somewhere out there someone in a pinstripe suit just pointed and laughed at me) Like P Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy said It's All About the Benjamins Baby . Working in Finance should’ve prepared me for the greedy reality of it all.

The suits are planting the seeds of discord on staff by striking us were it hurts…our pocket books. Toying with the idea that Health Care Reform will affect our paycheck. That this big fancy institution that changes all its flowers on a quarterly basis will not have enough funds to provide a bonus for their employees in the future years to come. That lay offs may be coming & that *gasp* there will be no more free lunches for meetings.
At first, as with everyone, I scowled & rolled my eyes at the bad news. But after thinking about it some more I thought fuck it or better yet fuck you…what’s $700 if it means saving someone’s sick child or grandmother. Dont ge me wrong...I truly appreciate the extra $700 that came to me without notice...but do you really think I’m that hard up for cash that I would take someones baby or nana for less than $2/day??? Get outta here with that shit
PS I’m also voting Yes on Prop 19

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All Hail the Pink Ladies

I’m all for being a tough chick…BELIEVE me my penis tends to come out more often than I would like.
I’m the kinda chick that my guy friends ask “if you were a girl (fill in the blank)?”

I love beer, football, sports and gangster movies BUT I also love make-up (I'm that friend) and shoes
But I don’t understand what is up with all these women being against the color PINK!

I’m about to go to my second baby-girl shower were NOTHING in the registry is PINK…in fact it’s all neutral, not even a pastel. WTF? Can I at least get a mod brown/pink color combo??

I’m not saying that we should make our girls daughter’s room look like Pepto Bismol sponsored it but come on people a baby girl in a pink tutu looks absolutely adorable! And before you say anything I know to each it’s own, but I have a 6-year old little girl who has everything in her wardrobe from pink princess gowns to dodgers/Lakers jerseys and she knows how to rock everything…
I just don’t understand why we cant let our little girls be girls? We can have it both ways people…just because we like pink, wear make-up and want our men to man-handle us in bed (one too far?) doesn’t mean that we’re overturning Women's Suffrage. I'm just saying...