Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All Hail the Pink Ladies

I’m all for being a tough chick…BELIEVE me my penis tends to come out more often than I would like.
I’m the kinda chick that my guy friends ask “if you were a girl (fill in the blank)?”

I love beer, football, sports and gangster movies BUT I also love make-up (I'm that friend) and shoes
But I don’t understand what is up with all these women being against the color PINK!

I’m about to go to my second baby-girl shower were NOTHING in the registry is PINK…in fact it’s all neutral, not even a pastel. WTF? Can I at least get a mod brown/pink color combo??

I’m not saying that we should make our girls daughter’s room look like Pepto Bismol sponsored it but come on people a baby girl in a pink tutu looks absolutely adorable! And before you say anything I know to each it’s own, but I have a 6-year old little girl who has everything in her wardrobe from pink princess gowns to dodgers/Lakers jerseys and she knows how to rock everything…
I just don’t understand why we cant let our little girls be girls? We can have it both ways people…just because we like pink, wear make-up and want our men to man-handle us in bed (one too far?) doesn’t mean that we’re overturning Women's Suffrage. I'm just saying...