Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'd really like to feel sorry for my friend who just got caught cheating on his wife, but I can't...

His wife found out b/c his dumbass took pics with the broad & downloaded them to his laptop & tried to "trash" them...but hey you should've cleared that too. (I swear are men ever going to learn to TAKE OUT the trash without being reminded???)

So she found out then went on his FB group page where ALL of his past co-workers are planning a reunion and posted this:

(names have been changed to protect the innocent and/or my friend, the cheater)

...I found out that Jerry has been cheating on me with this fat stumpy blonde stub...I know (whatever!!!) I will not be attending the event...but hey you might meet a new friend....she's a" little round and a bit stalky"...but hey....he ain't no winner either!!! Have a blast It's been a good 20 yrs!!....Love you alll!!!

and now *everyone* who's read it is calling him up asking WTF???? Dude, seriously??? After SEVEN kids and 20+ years of marriage!!??!! and also to point & laugh...because after all if he weren't my friend I'd be doing this...

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  1. I would feel the exact same way (also? I probably would have done the exact. same. thang). Shame on his ass.